E. J. Cottages and Overnight Stabling
E. J. Marcum
3366 Sitlinton Rd.
Dunmore, WV 24934

E. J. Cottages and Overnight Stabling

Providing a unique and refreshing experience
in the wilds of Pocahontas County.
Move though incredible natural landscapes
at an uncommonly relaxed pace.

We also have 7 campsites with Electric/Water/Sewer.

So bring your horses and
equipment and use our
Facility as a base camp.

Returning each night to set around the camp fire.
Arriving with horses for a week in the forest and rides along the Greenbrier River Trail

Plenty of time to visit now that camp is set up.
Plenty of room
Camp Site: Includes Water/Electric/Sewer

Camping rates:
Camp Site:
Includes Water/Electric/Sewer

Stalling Horse:


$25.00 per night

$15.00 per night

$7.00 per night

With access to bath-house and laundry.

The Camp Sites are located near the large farm house rental at Siltington,
so extented families and friends can reserve the farm house
for those without travel and/or horse trailers
and camp sites for those with the equipment.

We also have a camper set up available for renting.
Check for availability
Rent me     2 slide-outs
Here are some interior images of the slide out camper:
Ceiling fan keeps things cool
Cooking can be fun
Comfortable beds
Shower helps remove trail dust
Rent this camper where it sits!


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Thank you for your time.

Watchful mare eyes new friends
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