E. J. Cottages and Overnight Stabling
E. J. Marcum
3366 Sitlinton Rd.
Dunmore, WV 24934

E. J. Cottages and Overnight Stabling

Providing a unique and refreshing experience
in the wilds of Pocahontas County.
Move though incredible natural landscapes
at an uncommonly relaxed pace.

We also have 10 campsites with Electric/Water/Sewer.
With access to a bath house and laundry room.

So bring your horses and
equipment and use our
Facility as a base camp.

Returning each night to set around the camp fire.
Arriving with horses for a week in the forest and rides along the Greenbrier River Trail

Plenty of time to visit now that camp is set up.
Plenty of room
Camp Site: Includes Water/Electric/Sewer

Camping rates:
Camp Site: $25.00 per night
Includes Water/Electric/Sewer

Stalling Horse: $15.00 per night

Paddock: $7.00 per night per horse

With access to bath-house and laundry.

The Camp Sites are located at Siltington.

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Thank you for your time.

Watchful mare eyes new friends
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